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A new direction | A curated collection from Dungeness Open Studios

Dungeness Studio Four Apparel 

and accessories

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This new range from the Studios features the celebrated DUNGENESS FONT RX12 and associated fine art prints and paintings by Paddy Hamilton. 

The DUNGENESS FONT RX12 is a unique, hand-carved font.

Tee shirts

The 'Dungeness Font' tee is 100% cotton and designed to be stylish, comfortable and cool. 

From a collection curated by Paddy Hamilton, the 'Dungeness Font' tee celebrates the full-caps fishermen's script found on sale boards at Dungeness beach in Kent, UK. 

It's a soft, comforting high-quality garment.

Please click on the links below each garment for description and sizes or you can browse the full shop here: Dungeness Studio Four online shop

*Bespoke designs? Email (Small fee for initial design consultation) Thereafter: Regular price*

 ‘The Storyof the  DUNGENESS FONT – RX12 – * SCROLL DOWN*



Purchase here: Men's DUNGENESS FONT black long-sleeved cotton tee shirt


Purchase here: Men's 'Dungeness Font' red long-sleeved tee


Purchase here: Men's 'Dungeness Font' charcoal grey long-sleeved tee shirt


 Purchase here: Men's 'Dungeness Font' white long-sleeved tee shirt








Purchase here: 'Pirate | Buccaneer' long-sleeved tee shirt 




 Purchase here: 'D. Jones' long-sleeved tee shirt


Purchase here: The 'D. Jones' black long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'D. Jones' navy long-sleeved tee


Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' black long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' navy long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' white long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' red long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' black tee


 Purchase here: The 'Davy Jones ROCKA' navy tee





Purchase here: The 'ROCK!CHIC' royal blue tee


Purchase here: The 'ROCK!CHIC' navy blue tee

Purchase here: The 'ROCK!CHIC' black tee



Purchase here: 'Lost Cat' long-sleeved tee


Purchase here:
'Lost Cat' with font long-sleeved tee


 Purchase here: The 'Lost Cat in Font' tee




Purchase here: 'TOP MODEL' Dungeness FONT long-sleeve


Purchase here: 'Stoked' Dungeness Font unisex casual tee


 Purchase here: 'I Love Plants' green sweatshirt


Purchase here: 'I Love Plants' pocket green sweatshirt

Purchase here: The 'I love plants' men's green tee


Purchase here: The 'I Love Plants' men's green tee


Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Combi' men's white tee


Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Combi' ladies white tee


 Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Cone City' navy long-sleeved tee




Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Font' children's black tee


Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Font' children's fuchsia tee


Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Font' children's blue tee


Purchase here: The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's black tee


Purchase here: The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's white tee


 Purchase here: The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's fuchsia tee



Purchase here: The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's green tee  

Purchase here: The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's blue tee


Purchase here:  The 'Pirate | Buccaneer' children's red tee

Purchase here: The 'Lost cat' children's white tee 



Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Font' black-handled mug

Purchase here: 'Dungeness Font' mug


Purchase here: The 'Lost Cat' black-handled mug


Purchase here: The 'Kat' mug



 Purchase here: The 'Dungeness Font' organic black tote bag


Purchase here: The 'Kat' natural tote bag


Purchase here: The 'Lost Cat' black tote bag


The Story’ of the  DUNGENESS FONT - RX12 

By Bridget Wilkins - (22nd September 2023)

Let’s talk t-shirts! Less than two weeks ago Paddy (aka @dungenessopenstudios) and I were chatting about his Dungeness Font. It was originally inspired by the For Sale boards selling bait or lug etc. on the beach, which were painted in capital letters. Paddy had wanted to celebrate that clear and authentic voice so he created a font in individual linocuts. So that’s all the letters of the alphabet, punctuation, numerals and the odd skull and crossbones carved in lino, then printed, each with the correct kerning. I mean, it took months to make. The resulting font was then digitalised by Andy Sullivan and is available as a download under a Creative Commons licence — this means only Paddy can use it commercially. ANYWAY, the printed linocut font artworks sell in the studios but they are big (usually nine letters in blocks of three), so quite niche. There has been some renewed interest in the font recently and we realised we should make better use of the digital version, so … I found a print-on-demand t-shirt supplier and sent across some designs, and we waited for delivery. The results were outstanding. The font looks incredible on shirts, and on mugs and tote bags! Paddy put up some posts online and suddenly we were inundated with orders! It’s been a bit crazy to be honest! We set up a shop in the blog — link in the bio of @dungeness_studio4 — and we are adding new designs and ideas. We will also offer bespoke t-shirts for a small design fee. They are super comfortable and soft to wear and they do not have itchy labels, which is a real bugbear of mine! As I have said, we are not making these in a back room ourselves, we have a supplier (@tshirtstudiocom) and when you place an order, you do so direct with them. That said, we will have some stock here for people visiting the studios and if we don’t have your size, we can place an order for you that will be sent to your home address. 




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