Monday, December 30, 2013

Pathway of destiny | Re-mix

Endless.... Toil after the $torms at Dungeness Open Studios

A simplification of the structural elements to deal with the raucous elements, whilst keeping true to the underlying concept.

... A simple plan | Thrown out..

Freeform 'rough style' approach adopted

*Pathway of diminishing returns.. Taken out by the storms

Built (off the cuff) by C.T. Sutton Hamilton + P. H.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Dungeness Open Studios | Seasonal card 2013

Title:  'Misha | Mas'

*A very limited edition - 10 only - Dimensions - 21 cm X 29.5 cm*

Christmas | Winter solstice seasonal print on a heavy vellum  - (Oil based van dyke ink on a warm naples yellow tone heavy paper/card)

Print signed, titled, dated, sent with full provenance & your seasonal greeting to the address of your choice.

Price £16.00 each - Includes U.K. postage before the 18th - *You knew that (!)

In the kitchen..

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lo tide | Hi tide - Dungeness

Lo tide | Hi tide - Dungeness

Double monoprint compound linocut composition mounted on sky blue heavy paper

Oil based inks on Arches paper - Dimensions print 1 (left) 43 cm X 12 cm - print 2 - 43 cm X 15.5 cm - Fits a standard frame size of 51 cm X 41 cm

Price (un-framed) £60.00

*Hanging in Studio 2...