Thursday, April 26, 2012

DUNGENESS | drift ... * In space

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A selection of photographs, paintings and prints by Andrew Sullivan, Paddy Hamilton and Marc Christmas interpreting the liminal, ever-evolving landscape of Dungeness in Kent.

2 – 20 May 2012 Space Gallery 7 The Old High Street Folkestone Kent CT20 1RJ

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm Closed Mondays – Tuesdays

Boogaloo in Studio 2




Compound work - From 'DUNGENESS FONT - RX12' series

Oil based ink on heavy paper in Studio 2

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"DRIFTING multiple print compound Dungeness beach"


Compound work - From 'DUNGENESS FONT - RX12' series

Oil based ink on heavy paper/plywood - Variable Dimensions.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dungeness | drift .....

Space Gallery, Folkestone’s independent gallery, is delighted to host an exhibition of new works by three artists who share a common fascination with the liminal atmosphere and ever-evolving landscape of Dungeness beach.

These three men have been involved with the beach at Dungeness for many
years - ‘Drifting’, absorbing and recording golden moments.

The resulting photographs, paintings, prints and installations have been
developed through close personal encounters with the remarkable geography
of this giant cuspate foreland.

Their work has been made on the spot or developed over a period of years to
echo the beach’s relentless tradition of an overall slow melding of the macro
with the micro.

Together, their works reflect a depth of engagement and exploration in
translating complex issues of a (macro) permanent environment co-existing
with determined (micro) human activity and the weathered pathos of
impermanent development.

“Dungeness is like no other place. When Andrew first brought in his
series of photos ‘Longshore Drift’, we knew it was something that would
work really well in Space Gallery. Now that the show has evolved and is to
feature three really talented artists all with a different view on the same
unique landscape, we can’t wait to see it all come together”. Space Gallery

Download PDF of release here


Editors' notes:

Andrew Sullivan

Studied graphic design at Hastings, Bournemouth and Croydon Colleges

Art and Design. During a career that has spanned over 20 years he has

for such clients as Shell, Ferrari, Nissan, British Airways, BBC, ITV,

Hotel and London Fashion Week. He’s currently the Creative Director

Blacknight Design, a design agency based in the South East of England,

he formed in 2009. He has exhibited his paintings, photographs in various

galleries and venues in and around the South East of England and London.

The photographs featured in this exhibition are from a series called

‘Longshore Drift’. The series observes the ever-evolving visual
language of

the beach at Dungeness through the revealing typography, graphic marks

textures that adorn the sides of containers, huts, fishing boats and
various other

discarded objects that over time have populated the beach. The images
talk of

a language of time through decay; a coded history from within the weathered

layers. The series also documents the survival of a fishing industry
that has

worked this stretch of beach for generations.

Paddy Hamilton

Paddy Hamilton’s approach to painting, drawing, printmaking and

commissioned work embraces an earthy conceptualism. The intention is

always to avoid the unnecessary and make work without complication

or the need for lengthy explanation.

That which surrounds us forms the basis for work. Landscape, the human

form, a shared experience, abstract ideas, colour and paint itself are
all worthy

subjects for exploration.

Resulting paintings and prints are thematic without a conscious style
- some

projects reach a conclusion - others are self-sustaining with endless

on a common theme.

Born 1964, Kitwe, Zambia. Degree education, Chelsea School of Art.

Lives & works on Dungeness beach.

Marc Christmas

Ashford, Kent, England. Studied photography at Bournemouth and Poole
of Art

and Design. Marc lives on the South Coast and currently lectures in

at Higher Education level. He continues to explore number themes in
his work,

shooting medium format digital as well as large format film, producing
a large

output of personal and commissioned work, in order to satisfy his passion

for image making.

This body of work explores the function and the codes of the Dungeness

community. My intentions are sometimes concerned with chance encounters

and resulting connections within the landscape. And at other times I

reference to appropriated objects of labour and their function to create

‘new stories’ for these objects.

Some but not all the resulting work questions ideas about the limitations

of photography and specifically how the line between photography and

art forms, in particular sculpture, is being blurred in contemporary

photographic practice.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not my horse

'Not my horse' - Cerise lay in - In the studio today..

New painting in progress - *From a series investigating transience and achieved destination on Dungeness beach - Oil on Linen

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