Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hand coloured 'Little Universe' unique prints (Various versions)

'Little Universes'

‘Little Universe‘ - hand painted unique prints - (various versions)


‘Little Universe’ - hand painted unique prints - (various versions)

'Above our heads and, below our feet'

Oil based Black | Prussian blue ink linocut print on  heavy/textured rag paper.
Hand coloured in light fast inks.
Each unique print is numbered 1/1.

Size: 22 cm X 25 cm including borders

Price: £40.00 

On ordering, I shall send you a photo of the version you will receive or, if you wish, a selection to choose from.

*Thank you*

Sent with full provenance | UK postage included

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mes Mains | Large feature print

'Mes Mains'

'We hold everything we cherish in these'

Oil based Black | Van Dyke ink linocut print on  heavy rag paper

Size: 35 cm X 23 cm including borders

Price: £40.00 

Sent with full provenance | UK postage included

Friday, April 17, 2020

Bursary | Funding - Covid response - * Donations Welcomed *

Dungeness Open Studios are currently closed to all visitors.

We will (C-19 circumstances allowing) be open again by prior arranged appointment from mid June.

We aim to offer more artists' residencies and practical workshops for sculptors, painters, musicians, writers and photographers, providing exhibition space for artists from outside this area. We need to develop our programme during this period.

For 22 years, we have provided a showing space on Dungeness beach, which has developed from one studio to four over the period. Free to enter, operating on trust and goodwill, the work here celebrates and informs the public about this community, its history and its relevance outside of its reputation as a resort/tourist destination. All works directly reflect this wonderful and unique landscape. All my income as a sole trader comes from the selling of related works, postcards, books, workshops and residencies. Our inclusive and affordable pricing structure reflects our desire for people to be able to experience and own art democratically. Organised visits and talks with students of all ages are common practice and we have welcomed many thousands of visitors here for over two decades without any external funding, grants or bursaries.

We have had to close the studios entirely and cancel upcoming shows, residencies and workshops. After each event, we learn more about what artists require from our spaces and our in the main hands-off overview. We need to re-model showing spaces, access points, create garden areas, provide shelter and consider safe spaces for the future. We do not envisage that more than one person at a time will be able to visit these small spaces for the foreseeable future. This requires thought and practical development including our online presence, which will become crucial to keeping our core values visible and accessible. I have no current income to develop anything further but I do have infrastructure which can be made ready to meet the challenges of the future new normal regarding public access and interaction.

My current practice relies on the generosity and feedback of the people who visit, their ideas, expertise and enthusiasms. This creates Dungeness Open Studios in symbiosis, working as it does with this wonderful beach.

Currently our website and social media presence are who we are.

A bursary would remove this anxiety and help us to create peace of mind/solvency for us to develop our presence as an online entity, but with a secure foundation of having remodelled the experience, the access points and showing spaces to suit the future.

Examples of projected costs:

Web costs: copywriting and proofreading -- £30 per hour -- £600 Building materials including timber, fixings, signage, paints, preservatives, roofing materials, display items, barriers, gates, soft landscaping to create a slower, subtle flow of visitors. Safety equipment -- £600

-- Paddy Hamilton

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Molly Rose | Temenos

Temenos | Molly Rose

'The sacred hulk of Dungeness beach'

Oil based Van Dyke ink linocut print on un-bleached Arches heavy rag paper

Size: 34 cm X 24 cm + borders

Price: £40.00 

Sent with full provenance | UK postage included