Friday, June 15, 2012

Press release - Secret life of beaches

Dungeness Open Studios is revealed as one of Britains' beaches best kept secrets this Sunday June 17, at 9pm.

As part of the one hour long programme Nick Crane meets Dungeness Studios' fine artist Paddy Hamilton. Together they experience this wildly beautiful shingle foreland through, printmaking, conversation and storytelling.

Paddy Hamilton, the artist, commented: "This episode of Coast was fimed about a year ago - Nick Crane showed a great deal of insight into how I made artwork out of the very stuff of Dungeness itself, he was particularly caught by the honest toil required of the printmaking process in the main beach studio A.K.A. The Laboratory.

"The visit culminated with Nick revealing his own print from the Twister winch shed series on camera."


Editors' notes:
Twister winch shed - Lino print series

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DUNGENESS FONT - A digital print download


In a digital format - (Download).

Designed for easy use on your computer

*Compatable with Windows and Mac

CD features - Alphabet, punctuation, numerals & extras

Download version of DUNGENESS FONT released under a creative commons licence - (Commercial copyright held by the artist)

Purchase download FONT - DUNGENESS FONT - RX12

Price £40.00