Saturday, November 11, 2017

Showbiz in the night | A fine mess

Showbiz in the night

Fleeting, transient moments witnessed on Dungeness beach. Resonating with the public to an extent that a painting is commissioned from a memory, a need.

This motif - Showbiz in the night  has struck a chord to such an extent with those that have seen the various drawings, printed or painted versions over the years that I am frequently asked to produce further developed works.

As Dungeness beach loses its working aspect either through the vagaries of the weather or because of erasure due to redevelopment I am moved to re-explore the beach in a painted form, as I first encountered and understood it.

Oil, pigments in dispersion on linen - Large feature paintings on deep stretchers

*The paintings above are in progress, both are currently reserved until the client makes a choice between them.

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