Sunday, December 13, 2015

Los Gatos Perdidos | Sequential variations

Los Gatos Perdidos | An evolving series 

Sequential version on show in: Studio 1

On paper veneer
On gold

Sequential fade away 1 - 4 (of eight unique prints)
Sequential fade away 5 - 8 

Gatos perdidos | Sequential fade away 1 -7 (3 X editions) 

Lost cat | Floater

'Lost cats | Gatos perdidos'
Dimensions:  vary - Signed, titled, numbered.
Price £36.oo (per print)

Multiple prints will be discounted incrementally.. 

(Contact us) -

For example:

As a diptych - Price £56.oo (2 X prints)


  1. Thank you so much for our lovely chat yesterday. The print of Gatos Perdidos will have a special place in my new home where Marky can see it to remind him how frightened he was after going missing for 3 days. Hopefully he will stay close to home but when he's got woodland to play in, who knows! Sue

  2. Love him and the last see through one is wonderful