Friday, May 5, 2017

In the garden...

The first of May was a first in more ways than one. After months of drought and absolutely no sign of 'April showers' we saw the welcome return of rain! For some time now we have been saving every drop of washing up and bath water for the garden and for seedlings that are coming on in the cold frame. As I write this on May 2nd, we are experiencing another refreshing weather front of gentle showers that will hopefully transform the scorched brown earth (not usually seen until August) into a lush and verdant carpet of grass and flowers.

As the shingle beach gives way to broom, vetch and bladder wort, the garden has seen daffodils and tulips come and go, and is now hosting irises, valerian, anenomes, wallflowers and the last of the bluebells. The rosemary bushes and borage are flowering and red hot pokers are beginning to bud.

New planting includes nasturtiums, borage, flax, poppies and sweet peas. Finding space for everything is becoming a challenge but some of the plants (including sea kale) have been potted up to sell to visitors — at bargain prices, of course...


Bluebell and fennel


Ash coming into bud

Bee making the best of things

Wallflowers around the sign

Planting borage
Iris unfurling...

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