Sunday, May 18, 2014

From the bench | Tangental variants

Evolving strategies from the Chop saw on the bench .. In the garden...

Construct '7' - Breaking | Accelerating the dynamic - * Sold

'Construct 8' - Knot - Rebate - Break - Price £220.00

A number nine | 'Necromancer' - Out of the 'Dark style' variant - Price £220.00

*I have decided to involve elements from other storm damaged structures on this beach amalgamated with my own, within this celebratory exploration into the after effects of... The Storms

Out of the Dark style - Non oblique II

Price £240.00

Consolidating the Reverso strategy 'Reverso II' - From the front to the back | Back to the front..

Reversible Construction - Price £220.00

A days work

*Further down the line....

Multiple conjunctions to consider...

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