Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A days toil | Indian summer re-furb

Taking advantage of the still brightness on the beach - To do that, which requires to be done..

Tools you can trust

History | previous manifestation trace

Scrape, dig, scratch, button polish

*Take a break..

Undercoat, fibreglass, resins, poisonous stabilisers etc..

Scratch, gloss up weatherboard

Prime, undercoat - *She's glossed*

Freya 'Blows off' time to run for the hills..

In the 'scratcher'

*Dreaming of yesterday's toil... Glossing windows & re-painting signage...


  1. wondering where the button polish fits in; where are the buttons?

  2. Nichte buttons - It's true.

    However, Shellac is 'the gear' to feed & coat bare wood prior to undercoating & glossing.... To provide a happy | satisfactory resultant glint.