Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Filming, Refurbishing and Hosting

It's been a very busy time at Dungeness Open Studios. Last week, we welcomed 17 film crew involved in the production of a short sc-fi film called Black Shore. They filmed in the house, grounds and workshop with actors Matthew Steer, Jessica Raine and Austin Taylor. It is the realisation of a long-held dream of the directors, Jon Park and Grant White, who were joined by Leah Harris as Producer, Director of Photography, Zoran Veljkovic and Production Designer Steve Blundell, among others. They were hard working, friendly and fun, and we are looking forward to the premiere!

Zoran being strapped into his steady cam

Matthew Steer getting ready for a take
As the Black Shore team wanted a fairly gritty looking exterior we had held off on the much-needed paint job around and about, but it's been full on refurbishment ever since. Studio One has been re-painted and varnished as necessary. Studio Two has been whitewashed and The Lab has been refurbished inside as we have created a new, very elegant display screen which will also act as a drying space. This is timely as we can now begin working on a new show ('Spiritual') which will consist of all new material including paintings, prints, mixed media and photography.

Studio 2 - before painting

Studio 2 - looking fresher

The Lab - previous hanging screen

The Lab - new hanging screen made of perspex and canvas

After the creative chaos of film making we had a few Airbnb guests to host so the house was quickly returned to its fomer glory (!) and we met some lovely people who were visiting Dungeness for both work and pleasure.

In the garden, we are still planting new additions every day and the recent rain has helped to bring things on. The zenith hasn't yet been reached but we expect everything to bloom in the next couple of weeks. The lack of rain has had quite an effect on the beach. We have noticed fewer snails and nesting birds, and there don't appear to be as many rabbits or foxes. Plant life is different, too. Usually by now the digitalis and vipers bugloss are showing in abundance, but there is very little sign of them as yet. Good news for lizards though - they are everywhere!

Daisies about to bloom

The hawthorn has flowered for the first time


Sweet Peas are being trained to run up the midden

Flowering mint
Last night the French coast was visible for miles which happens rarely but the lights are quite beautiful. Speaking of which, we put up some lights as well...!

Friday, May 5, 2017

In the garden...

The first of May was a first in more ways than one. After months of drought and absolutely no sign of 'April showers' we saw the welcome return of rain! For some time now we have been saving every drop of washing up and bath water for the garden and for seedlings that are coming on in the cold frame. As I write this on May 2nd, we are experiencing another refreshing weather front of gentle showers that will hopefully transform the scorched brown earth (not usually seen until August) into a lush and verdant carpet of grass and flowers.

As the shingle beach gives way to broom, vetch and bladder wort, the garden has seen daffodils and tulips come and go, and is now hosting irises, valerian, anenomes, wallflowers and the last of the bluebells. The rosemary bushes and borage are flowering and red hot pokers are beginning to bud.

New planting includes nasturtiums, borage, flax, poppies and sweet peas. Finding space for everything is becoming a challenge but some of the plants (including sea kale) have been potted up to sell to visitors — at bargain prices, of course...


Bluebell and fennel


Ash coming into bud

Bee making the best of things

Wallflowers around the sign

Planting borage
Iris unfurling...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


A short novel - (limited edition of 100)

Now available in Studio 2

* Signed by the authors, editioned, numbered & dated Dungeness Open Studios

Would make a unique present | Just sayin'...
*Contact us*

Monday, November 21, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Holey 1 -> 4 | Blot monoprints


Holey 1 -> 4 | Monoprints Oil based ink on blotting paper + Brown tape

(Holey 1 - Sold - 2 -> 4 - available )

Price: £36.00 each

Sent with full provenance | postage included (Please specify number)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New print series | Blot monoprints

Mono print series work: 'BLOT'

Hand painted blotting paper + Hi colour ink detail work. 

Lino cut print as the unifying motif.

Dimensions: 22 cm X 29 cm X 6 off prints 

Price for the series of 6 works: £140.00

New series in Studio 2 | One of ones

 One of ones | Constructed one offs..

New series: Pigments in suspension, paper tape, Hatman paper

Dimensions : Variable

Price £42.00 each - Contact us to specify your preferred choice of work : hamiltonstudios@paintings-for-sale.net

One of one I - 40 cm X 20 cm

One of one II - 34 cm X 25 cm

One of one III - 42 cm X 25 cm

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New prints in Studio 1

New hang in Studio 1 - Prints & paintings


I spy I + I spy II - Diptych 

Dimensions - 10 cm X 9 cm

Lino cuts - Indian red on pink quality paper

Price: £20.00


'Rises and falls'

Rises and falls compound prints
Oil based ink on Arches paper
Dimensions 14 cm X 20 cm
Now available*
On show in Studio 1


On the Line folding with 'nan' - *Version
On the Line is a collection of six vandyke brown lino prints on heavy rag paper.
A second series of prints depicting everyday teamwork, inspired by the numerous and spectacular washing line moments witnessed on the open beach at Dungeness.
View this new monochrome version of - On the Line prints

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lino print workshops | Dungeness Open Studios

A new venture | opportunity for all
One-to-one print workshops to an edition of ten prints 

Your private accommodation + Exclusive studio, drawing, carving area with a well-stocked library, wifi, tools and equipment.

Lounge area (communal)

We provide private accommodation with continental breakfast, an exclusive drawing and carving area, comprehensive reference library, a guided walk of Dungeness beach, use of our studio and Farley press, papers, inks, tricks and tips.

Workshop + materials, accommodation with breakfast (wifi included) and one-to-one tuition with Paddy Hamilton is priced at £150. 00.

Daily itinerary is as follows:

  • Arrive in Dungeness in the morning to walk the beach and get a feel for this marvellous place to draw and photograph subjects. 
  • View the equipment and study previous examples of print making made from our Farley press.
  • Enjoy a flexible lunch break.
  • Introduction to tools and cutting technique.
  • You draft and carve your print in your private workshop space with my input if required.

*End of Day One

  • Breakfast.
  • An early start with a walk (weather permitting!).
  • Pre-proofing your print block.
  • Making amendments as required.
  • Creating ten perfect prints as an edition.

We prefer to hold this course during the week (Monday to Friday).

Please bring sketch books, cameras, laptops (wifi included) your favourite drawing equipment, all your enthusiasm, creativity and a willingness to learn. Plus a hat, scarf and sturdy boots!

In the shared workshop - L.A.B.

We hope to see you soon!

All enquiries (costs + available dates)

Email: office@paintings-for-sale.net