Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An invitation | Carousel

*You are invited to make postcards...

Theme:   as a 'state of mind'

Postcard specifications:

V. important:

*Card dimensions size - 90 mm X 150 mm
(for display carousel)


The jpg images will need to be:

At least A6 (105mm x 148mm) in size at 240 - 300dpi resolution
Preferably set up as CMYK colour files


Digital print prices + requirements from Sandgate printers..

Colour on front, b/w on reverse.

On a 350gsm White card or heavier.

From your supplied hi res print ready pdf artwork, with trim marks and at least 3mm bleed.

An example of costs..

For 300 x 1 type card @ £50.00 + VAT

For 300 x 2 different cards (i.e 600 cards) @ £90.00 + VAT

For 300 x 8 sorts (i.e 2,400 cards) @ £288.00 + VAT

Finally 300 x 10 sorts (3,000 cards) @ £330.00 + VAT

*Do use your own preferred printer or www.sandgateprinters.com

Suggested text layout for continuity. Your name, work title, sizes, medium, contact details etc.  (stamp detail logo optional or, add your own)

Important criteria:

The artist pays for the production of cards, the RNLI benefits from the proceeds.

 Generally artists keep a good proportion as business cards, gifts etc...

Artists who have produced a card/s for the studios have gained at
least one direct or tangental commission from being visible at the studios which far outweighs the cost.

*Welcome aboard*


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nash Metropolitans

Dungeness Open Studios | Paintings on commission

Online - http://www.paintings-for-sale.net/

(1 painting will be available from..  Wednesday the 29th of April)

Left side version.. *Now available*

Oil on linen | canvas mix

Price £180.oo

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cape Town hits the beach | For one day only

 Marc settles down in front of his new digs..

Andy awaits custom outside his new venture: B.K's Carwash...

Marc's new shanty

Andy's new business: B.K. Autos + 'Hand Soapy'

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bank 'oliday visitation

My favourite vehicle...

*Bank 'oliday W/Ender on the $tones |  Nash Metropolitan visits once again...

Small paintings - One for 'them' | One for me..

Friday, April 3, 2015

High colour | mini editions

Dungeness Open Studios 

New Easter mini edition edition begins to hit Studio 1

Lino cut prints Edition of four - Oil based ink on fabriano rag paper, hand coloured (lightfast inks)

Dimensions: 25 cm X 35 cm

Price: £50.oo (ncudes postage - sent: Signed, titled, editioned with full provenance | accredition)

Contact us or..

online: http://www.paintings-for-sale.net/http://www.paintings-for-sale.net/

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Dungeness | *Dunny of St George* - It's, a smokery in repose.

Fresh off the... Farley press - Edition of 100
Linocut print - Van dyke + hand colour on Hot pressed imperial 72 - 17 cm X 12 cm

The Dungeness | *Dunny of St George*  It's, a smokery - Linocut print - Van dyke + hand colour on Hot pressed imperial 72  - Lino cut print - 17 cm X 12 cm.

Sent with full authentication, signed, titled, editioned (Price includes postage)

Price: £26.oo each unframed 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Commission a Dungeness FONT work

*Plenty of time.. Before 'the festive day'…*

Commission a print in any format or poetic phrase..

Oil based inks on various quality papers, signed, dated, one of a kind prints, with full provenance.

*Price includes secure U.K. delivery

 More details | information, suggested prices here : http://www.paintings-for-sale.net/font-dungeness.html

Monday, November 24, 2014

Twister prints | Hot fades

.. Some of today's print limited edition of 80.. Dungeness Twister | New versions - cadmium | turquoise oil based inks on fades
Available to purchase singly as multiples or in sets - sent - (signed, titled, dated, editioned and sent with full provenance | authentication)

The Dungeness Twister | *New versions* - quality faded paper + oil-based inks
Lino cut print - 32 cm x 28 cm..
Price: £36.oo each unframed | *please specify item | one - six clockwise on Paypal note or.. Contact us.. + sets or multiples of three at £90. oo - (Includes postage)

Any of these 'Twister' print choices *follow the link below* can be made to order as above.. Contact us

Monday, November 17, 2014


 .. By the burnin' stove - FONT - Constructing | Commissions...

Compound print FONTwork - 'Subtle' shift | Version.. 

Horace A. * Underscore_ | Not '


*Sir.. Downbeat | Studio 1 - - Mr Dodd... *Give yourself two & one half hours.. + 1 to recover.. (1 - ! )