Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crookid Stiks & $TONES - Photoframe | Good Voodoo - Preview now on in Studio 2

What we do to Lo | Fi digital frames 'round 'ere... Further augmentation

'A fine Merz'

Paddy Hamilton | Ol' Schofield

Full show in three spaces from the 26th of March

*Information | Background & the friendly crew here -

Good ol' Unkle Kurt defines 'MERZ' as:
“I call[ed] my new manner of working from the principle of using any material MERZ. That is the second syllable of Kommerz [commerce]. It originated from the Merzbild [Merzpicture], a picture in which the Word MERZ, cut out and glued-on from an advertisement for the KOMMERZ-UND PRIVATBANK [Commercial and Private Bank] could be read between abstract forms...When I first exhibited these pasted and nailed pictures at the Sturm [Gallery] in Berlin, I searched for a generic term for this new kind of picture, because I could not define them with older concepts like Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism or whatever. So I named all my pictures as a species MERZbilder after the most characteristic one.”

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